Be part of the exciting revival of Phoenix West in Dortmund

A new community for innovators and entrepreneurs in the historic Schalthaus

Be part of an exciting revival of the Schalthaus in Phoenix West. This majestic building will be transformed to power a new community of innovators, entrepreneurs and companies that support them. Whether you are looking for an inspiring new commercial location, a space to host your next event or a place to showcase your innovations, we cordially invite you to visit us and explore the potential.

We know that a community is more than just the building,. Each member brings their own spark, interacting with their environment and each other for something that can be truly special. Walas is proud to offer proven community development models to help our community members and their businesses thrive. We are looking for enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to grow with us and be part of something inspiring. If that sounds like you, contact us today!

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We understand the challenges of developing new ideas and bringing them to market. Our innovation partners have access to programs and opportunities based on our proven business models, to help them develop their business, access their market and thrive. Our Innovation Pavilion is designed to get your innovations in front of the right people and organizations and to help generate leads. Our commercial neighbourhoods are carefully curated for synergy and success, with supporting services and spaces for meetings and events nearby. Select opportunities are available for partner to showcase their innovations and develop with us in the Schalhaus and beyond. The Walas Innovation Fund provides additional support to eligible partners.  We are currently accepting applications, beginning as soon as the fall of 2021. Contact us today for more information.

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Find out about news and events at the Schalthaus and surrounding products at Phoenix West on the Phoenix West website.

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A Powerful History

The Schalthaus is the main building of the Phoenix West site. It was a power plant and central to the site, in its function and physical location. Our redevelopment will embrace this, bringing life back to the building with a new purpose to connect and empower the community. This space offers a real, vital catalyst for the Walas Phoenix West revitalization, and will serve as a community hub as the area develops around it. The sprawling industrial space lends itself well to new activities for the community including arts, culture, light industry, innovation, business and more.

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